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We would love to help you with your skincare concerns and have a dedicated team of Kalmora Spa Therapists and Skin Experts to help advise you. Please email us at or call your local Kalmora Spa for our specialist advice and skincare recommendations.

Tell us how we can help

The more information you give us, the better advice we can give, but please only give us information you feel comfortable with.


Your skincare concerns

What are your main skin and body concerns? Be as specific as you can about your concerns. Where specifically do you have a problem? Do you notice changes throughout the month?

Your lifestyle

How much water do you drink? What is your typical daily intake of food? Do you smoke/drink alcohol and how often? Do you exercise and how often?

Your current skincare routine

What products do you currently use for your concerns? Do you have spa/beauty/holistic treatments and, if so, how often?

Any other information

Help us advise you by giving us any other information you feel affects your health, well-being and beauty. We promise to keep all information strictly confidential. Only the therapist advising you will read your personal information.


Herbal Tea


Drink plenty of water each day!
If you are a coffee drinker, after each cup of coffee, instead of following with another, why not try a glass of water? This will help to hydrate you and flush out the caffeine that will dehydrate your skin.
Cranberry juice is great for the bladder and is full of anti-oxidants.



Sleep is very important!
If you have a busy lifestyle it’s easier said than done. So, before you get into bed try to unwind... read a book, have a nice relaxing bath with some salts, avoid any tea or coffee after 8pm, also don't put the TV on in your bedroom, as it distracts you from your much-needed sleep… a nice quiet room will welcome sleep.
Try a hot milk with a teaspoon of honey to make you sleepy, plus the honey is great for your complexion!

Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy...

Fresh fruit and vegetables are a must!
Vegetables and fruit are great however you wish to eat them. They will keep your energy levels up and make you feel good, as well as helping your skin to look great and healthy. The most beneficial veg are broccoli, carrots, cabbage.
Fruit will also help with your complexion and energy levels. Oranges provide you with Vitamin C, strawberries or cranberries are anti-oxidants and bananas give us potassium.



Another top spa lifestyle tip is stretching!
Stretch 2-4 times daily, each for 30 seconds! This gets the muscles warmed, and more flexible, plus, a good couple of stretches in the morning feels great and kick starts your body for the day!