Health by Water
Blitz away cellulite and experience the sculpting power of nature.
Blitz away sallow skin using the power of nature.

What is Aquablitz?

Aquablitz is a truly innovative piece of spa care equipment that uses a range of natural elements including warm mineral-water massage, gentle oxygen suction, pure seaweed, Dead Sea mud and soothing essential oils, to deeply re-oxygenate and re-mineralise the skin.


The unique properties of the Aquablitz also stimulate the collagen and elastin fibres within the skin helping to improve facial skin tone.

Recently two new Aquablitz Spa Facials have been introduced; Anti-Ageing and Deep Cleansing. Both incorporate gentle massage using a vacuum suction to achieve a deeper, more desired massage than manual lymph drainage to improve the general health of skin tissues.


Main effects

How often


Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Tones and firms.

2 per week for 6 weeks and 1 on the last week. Then 1 per month maintenance.

1 hour
30 minutes

Please click here for further information on the history and benefits of Aquablitz

Please note that prices vary due to location and date taken. Prices stated above are a guide only. Please click here to view individual Kalmora Spa price lists. Only available at Kalmora Spa, Goudhurst and Plymouth.

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