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Our carefully chosen treatments and therapies all have a common belief... that beauty is not just about your physical appearance, but also how you feel inside. If your mind is calm and healthy and you retain a positive aura, you will discover that your natural beauty will shine through.

“Tension is who you think you
hould be... relaxation is
who you are.”

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Kalmora Spas are proud to exclusively use Spa Find skincare treatments and products in all our locations. The Spa Find products are manufactured by our parent company, Finders International Ltd, and have had outstanding results in over 1500 Spas worldwide since 1981.

Spa Find is the leading Dead Sea mineral skincare company brand on the market and Spa Find treatments will make you feel beautiful and healthy on the inside as well as the outside.

Spa Find offers non-comedogenic, skin-friendly formulas, blending natural de-ionised water with pure Dead Sea minerals and organic ingredients. Products used throughout the treatments contain allergen free fragrance and no parabens, genetically modified organisms or animal ingredients. Spa Find is against animal testing and supports care of the environment.

Certified Organic Extracts Harmonised Dead Sea Water Base No Parabens

Spa Find offer a full range of spa facial and body treatments. There is something to suit everyone, whatever your needs...

Reduce wrinkles?
Lose inches?

Tone and firm?

Skin hydration?



“Tension is who you think you should be... relaxation is who you are.”

There is a Spa Find treatment for you... Please click here for full details of all our treatments on offer. In addition to Spa Find, we also offer general beauty treatments and maintenance such as waxing, Fake Bake tanning, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, manicures and pedicures. Again full details can be seen by clicking here.

At Kalmora Spa we also offer Spa Find products for you to purchase and continue using at home for maximum benefits.


For many of us it is increasingly difficult to keep our mineral and vitamin levels at the correct balance due to our stressful lifestyles. Did you know that almost every skin condition that we may suffer from is partly due to a mineral or vitamin imbalance within the body? Spa Find treatments offered at Kalmora Spas are rich in these skin loving Dead Sea minerals. During Spa Find treatments our bodies absorb these minerals and the levels within the body can once again begin to normalise and bring our inner health back into balance.


Dead Sea minerals enable the body to function correctly and help us feel healthy and happy. The 7 main Dead Sea minerals found in Spa Find products and treatments are…

Magnesium –

The Anti-Stress Mineral.

It helps to relax the body by soothing aching muscles and joints. Magnesium helps to desensitise, soothe and calm. 
It does this by helping to protect the myelin sheath that surrounds the nerves of the body.

Other Natural Sources:


Deficiency Diseases:

Nervousness and tremors.

Potassium & Sodium –

Purifying and Hydrating Minerals

Working together they help to regulate the water within the body thus keeping the skin naturally hydrated. Potassium helps to push out any unwanted fluids from the cells and Sodium helps to draw water into the cells.

Other Natural Sources:


Deficiency Diseases:

Potassium: Oedema and hypoglycaemia, dehydration

Sodium: Impaired carbohydrates digestion and possible neuralgia

Calcium – The Anti-Ageing Mineral

Calcium promotes a healthy skin by working closely with the natural collagen and elastin in our bodies to maintain tone and elasticity in the skin.

Other Natural Sources:



Deficiency Diseases:

Osteomalacia and osteoporosis.

Bromide – The Relaxing Mineral

A natural relaxant for the mind. Research has shown that Bromide helps to calm and relax the nerves, promoting a sense of calm and general well-being.

The Dead Sea has the highest concentration on Bromide… the relaxing mineral, of all the waters on Earth!

Other Natural Sources:


Deficiency Diseases:


Sulphur – The Healing Mineral

Sulphur is a healing mineral. It helps the body to fight off bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

Other Natural Sources:


Deficiency Diseases:


Iodine – The Detoxifying Mineral

Iodine is the detoxifying mineral, allowing for the removal of toxins and wastes within the body. It also increases the body’s metabolism, so can aid weight loss.

Other Natural Sources:


Deficiency Diseases:

Goitre and hypothyroidism.


If you are a new client or are unsure which treatment is right for you, please book a complimentary skincare consultation with a Kalmora Spa therapist. Over a hot or cold drink, she will determine and analyse your concern, before recommending a personalised treatment and product programme.

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