“Sanitas Per Aqua”
Healing through mineral water.

The word Spa stands for “Sanitas Per Aquam” means healing through water. Water hydrates the body and the minerals found in natural water bring healing properties to the body.

Kalmora Spas offer authentic mineral spa treatments and products to re-mineralize, pamper and relax your mind and body.




Kalmora Spas are tranquil spa retreats where you can gather your thoughts, be pampered and get real results. You will be in the company of friendly, helpful and highly qualified therapists, who will guide you when you require advice and give you space when you need to relax.

Whether your aim is to revitalise your mind or regenerate your face and body, Kalmora provides you with a peaceful, calming environment – an opportunity to get away from your everyday stresses and strains and be totally indulgent.

At Kalmora we especially encourage those who have never visited a spa or salon before to book a free consultation. Whether you are a regular spa-goer or a spa ‘virgin’, once you walk through the doors of Kalmora Spa you will be treated with kindness and welcomed with open arms. We are a unisex spa and welcome both male and female clients.


Spa Find... Peace.
Spa Find... Peace.
Spa Find... Peace.


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